Introducing QuickFix: the Quickest and Easiest Way to Get Tech Support

Not every situation requires a full-blown technical consulting engagement. Sometimes, your issue requires just a few minutes of technical expertise. We have just the right solution for your needs, at a price that won't break the bank. We call it QuickFix.


QuickFix* is the fastest, most economical (and dare we say friendliest) way to get support for your "I just have a quick question" technical questions.

Here are some sample situations where QuickFix would be ideal: 

  • Setting up email rules to improve efficiency
  • Ripping a DVD to use for your home multimedia system
  • Troubleshooting printer issues
  • Introduction to Automator (for workflow automation) 
  • iCloud tutorials
  • System health check
  • Software updates
  • Much, much more... 

How does it work? Simple. To get started, visit our QuickFix page to begin the process.


*QuickFix is limited to residential clients only. 

Posted on August 22, 2013 and filed under How To, Mac, iPhone, iPad, iOS, Apple TV, Opinion.