Apple's iWork suite is an amazingly powerful, yet easy-to-use, collection of applications for getting work done and collaborating with others. Pages is so much more than a word processor, Numbers is so much more than a spreadsheet, and Keynote is so much more than a presentation tool. Once you master the ins and outs of these apps, you will find that your efficiency and creativity will skyrocket, and you will be doing so much more with these apps than you would have imagined before.

iWork is not only powerful and easy-to-use on the Mac, but it's also incredibly effective on your iOS device (iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch) as well as the Internet (using nothing more than your favorite web browser). Creating a document on one device, making changes on another, and wrapping up projects on yet another device is all part of what makes iWork for iOS (combined with Apple's iCloud Drive service)  so powerful. This flexibility and sense of empowerment can be a game-changer for your personal productivity and your business.

Stop wasting time feeling frustrated because you don't know how to use these incredible apps, and master them today!

More about Kevin

Kevin Allgaier is the founder of Allgaier Consulting, a technology and productivity consulting firm with a single purpose… helping residential and business clients realize the unlimited potential of their technology investment.

Kevin has spent more than 20 years embracing the evolution of personal and business technology. While a significant amount of his time is spent using and supporting Apple products, he also has a rich history of working with Microsoft products. This unique hybrid approach has enabled him to successfully work with many clients in a mixed environment, architecting the perfect solution to meet and exceed the needs of the client.

Outside of his family, there are two things that Kevin is passionate about… technology and people. Kevin works with a myriad of hardware, software and service vendors to provide the perfect solution for any challenge. Problem-solving is built-in to his DNA. “No one should feel like they need to suffer in silence”. Kevin employs a variety of problem-solving tools and methods to discover root cause and bridge those gaps.

Kevin is also considerate of design, aesthetics and quality. While most people are satisfied with simply using a computer for its functionality, Kevin believes that technology should be embraced. Only then can one fully appreciate and take advantage of their creative potential. Training and educating users is key to unlocking this potential.