It’s unfortunate that malware and viruses are becoming much more prevalent in our daily work life. This epidemic costs us a significant amount of money in terms of data loss and loss of employee productivity. A systematic approach (AntiVirus, firewalls, etc) to defending against such attacks can only take you so far. To bridge the gap requires quality employee training so that our users know what to look for and how to prevent it. This is our social responsibility, and it should be taken seriously.

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In order to provide the absolute best training possible for you and your employees, we’ve partnered with one of the premier online training providers in this space to provide content that is informative, engaging and most importantly, effective! We find that those who participate in this training come away more educated and better able to protect themselves and your business from hackers and phishers.

The cost to enroll is $24/user/year. This includes premier video-based training content, interactive quizzes (to ensure viewer engagement) and certification tracking. In many organizations, this approach to online safety is not just nice to have, it’s required. The list of courses included in this enrollment are as follows:

- Security Awareness Essentials
- Defending Against Phishers
- Protecting Mobile Data and Devices
- Physical Security
- Password Management
- Incident Reporting

Course completion can be required once a year, every 6 months, every month… whatever makes sense for your business. On top of that, users are able to access and review courses as often as they would like throughout the year, not just when it’s required of them.

With easy-to-understand graphs, you’ll know exactly how your organization is performing.

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In addition to those courses, we will also provide a CyQ (CyberQ) Assessment… an assessment designed to gauge a user’s understanding of Information Security best practices.

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