The Apple Watch is Coming! Your Questions Answered.

The highly-anticipated (and super-exciting!) Apple Watch will be available for in-store purchase on April 24, but it will be available for pre-order and in-store try-ons this Friday, April 10! In anticipation of the big (pre-order) day, I thought I would answer some reader questions that have come my way, to help you be better prepared to make the purchase.

We've been told that the Apple Watch requires an iPhone, so what can you do with he Apple Watch when my iPhone isn't nearby?

True story. Apple Watch does require an iPhone to get started and even use most of the features (including changing brightness on the Watch). There are, however, a number of things you can do on the Apple Watch that doesn't require iPhone to be right next to it:

  • check the time
  • track your run or your workout (calories burned, heart rate, distance and pace)
  • track your standing/sitting time
  • play music using Bluetooth headphones (the Apple Watch can store up to 2 GB of music)
  • view photos (the Apple Watch can store up to 75 MB of photos)
  • use Siri (if you're on a WiFi network)
  • send/receive text messages and "digital touch" messages
  • read, delete or flag email
  • use Passbook for airline boarding purposes
  • use ApplePay

What (if any) is the difference between the 3 models?

This is a common question. As far as technology goes, there is no difference between the 3 models to choose from. The software is the same, the technology is the same and the display is the same across all 3. The glass on the Sport edition is Gorilla glass (the same as the iPhone), while the glass on the other models is sapphire (tougher). The metal used for each model is different (aluminum, stainless steel and gold) and band options differ.

How many apps will be available for the Apple Watch on release day?

It's hard to say exactly at this point, but rumor has it that more than 1,000 apps have been submitted to Apple for review. What we do know is that there are at least 50 that have been approved and ready to go.

Is the Apple Watch waterproof?

The Apple Watch is water RESISTANT, not waterproof. Apple's official advice is not to wear the Watch in the shower. Not because of the splashing, but because of the steam. We've been told that you can wear the watch in the rain, washing hands and working out. It should not be submerged.

What is the best way to pre-order an Apple Watch?

Apple has publicly announced that the best way to pre-order an Apple watch will be to do so from Pre-orders are available on Friday, April 10 starting at 12:01a Pacific (0800 UTC). Pre-orders will arrive to your shipping location on April 24.

What if I want to try one on first?

Apple Watch will be available for try-ons in Apple Stores on April 10. Stores will be extremely busy that day (and for a week or so after), so plan accordingly.

Posted on April 8, 2015 and filed under Opinion, Watch, iPhone.