The Right Way to Add a Title in iMovie for iOS

iMovie for iOS is an extremely powerful tool. Imagine this... you attend an event that you want to share with family, friends, coworkers, etc. You shoot some footage using your 1080p iPhone camera, you edit that video, add titles, effects, transitions, etc. Then once you're done, you upload that finished video to YouTube then share the link with others. Sounds difficult or fictitious, right? Not only is this possible (all from your iPhone or iPad), but simple projects are usually completed in just a few minutes (or even quicker)! I attended an event at my 6-year-old's school last week. Before I walked out of the school, I had edited the video and shared it with family. This is what makes technology so great!

Adding titles in iMovie for iOS can be a bit of a challenge. By default, the title you add will span the entire length of the video clip to which you are adding the title. For example, I filmed the first 10 seconds of a soccer game and added a title to that clip. Rather than the title being displayed for the entire 10 seconds, I only want it to show for the first 2-3 seconds, then disappear. There's an easy fix for that.

First, let me show you the video as is with the title spanning the entire length of the clip:

Now, let's take a look at the project to see how to fix this.

With the project open, we will select the video sequence by tapping on it. With the video selected, we will now tap on the edit tool (scissors) at the bottom. This will give us several options to choose from. The option that we want to use is "Split".


The idea is that we want to split our existing clip into two clips at the exact point that we want the title to disappear. To do this, we will want to scrub the video to the desired location. Once we're there, we will tap "Split", and the project will look like this:


As you can see, the title is still attached to the first clip (we know this because of the "T" symbol on the clip), but not the second clip. With the one clip being split into two, the video now looks like this:

Ah, MUCH better!!

Posted on March 31, 2015 and filed under Design, How To, iOS, iPad, iPhone.