Using the Built-in Highlighter and Laser Pointer in Keynote for iOS

Traditionally, a person who delivers a presentation would use a laptop and laser pointer to help get their point across to their audience. While that scenario is still commonplace, it's quickly morphing into a much more portable scenario. Instead of a laptop, I see more iPads with Keynote (Apple's presentation tool). Instead of a laser pointer, you use your finger. No, I'm not talking about simply pointing to the screen behind you. I'm talking about a digital laser pointer, generated by Keynote, and displayed on the screen for all to see.

Using the built-in laser pointer is super easy. While giving your presentation, simply tap and hold on the screen. A new toolbar will appear on the iPad at the bottom of your display. Now, just use your finger and tap where you want the laser pointer to land on the slide. You can even move the laser around as the audience watches.

Note: because this isn't used very often, you are all but guaranteed to capture everyone's attention as you show off your awesome tech skills.

In addition to the laser pointer, Keynote for iOS also provides an on-screen highlighter feature. This is a great tool for making real-time mark-ups during your presentation or emphasizing a piece of information for all to see. To highlight on your slide, tap and hold to reveal the menu (as we did with the laser pointer), then choose one of the many colors available. From there, simply annotate your slide.

As you advance to the next slide, the highlights will disappear. If you go back to a previous side with highlights, the highlights will still be there. To clear the highlights, all you need to do is end your slide show (by pinching inward with two fingers) then restart.

Is this a great tip, or what?! Do you have great Keynote for iOS tips? Share them below in the comments section.

Posted on April 2, 2014 and filed under Design, How To, iOS, iPad, iPhone.