Full List of iOS Fonts

Apple's iCloud service allows you to create an iWork document on any one of your devices (Mac, iPhone, iPad, etc), then open that same document on any other device to continue editing. Very slick (and in my experience, it works really well). There is, however, one drawback from work that I've done in the past... settling differences in font typefaces. Let me elaborate. 

On my Mac, I have exactly 610 fonts installed. Some of which also exist on my iPad/iPhone, but not most. If I happen to use one of the fonts that isn't available on my iPad when creating the document on my Mac, I will experience some strange formatting issues when I try to open that document on my iPad. It sure would be great if there was an easy way to see a list of all available iOS fonts so that I could always choose to use one of those when working in this scenario. Oh, wait... there is!!

There's a great site called iosfonts.com, and it does just that. Not only does it show you what fonts are available for iOS 6, but it also shows you what fonts are available for iOS 5 and iOS 4, along with the ability to preview a specific phrase. 

If you work on documents that move back and forth between Mac and iOS device, you definitely need to bookmark this site. I do and I have.

Posted on June 10, 2013 and filed under Design, iOS, iPad, iPhone, Mac.