macOS Recovery Key (10.13 High Sierra)


macOS Recovery Key (10.13 High Sierra)

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Every Mac user should have a recovery key, in case something goes wrong and you need to either reload your Mac with a fresh copy of macOS, or access tools necessary to troubleshoot hardware or software issues.

Using a recovery key allows you to:

  • clean install or repair macOS
  • reset forgotten passwords
  • restore from a Time Machine backup
  • perform various disk repair operations
  • more...

Our recovery key is built on USB 3.0 technology, allowing for up to 3x the performance of USB 2.0 technology. This translates to fast reload and recovery times. The USB drive itself is made of lightweight and durable aluminum, featuring a solid loop on one end, making it perfect to attach to a keyring.

Want more information about our macOS recovery key? Below are some FAQs to help.

How will I know how to use the key once I have received it?
Each key comes with a simple-to-understand instruction card which will walk you through the steps to using your key. We make it easy for anyone to use one like a pro.

Macs aren't supposed to have problems! Why should I need this?
Macs are great machines, but they are still based on high-tech components that are susceptible to problems, especially as they age. No computer is perfect. Having an emergency recovery key can help resolve issues quickly (and in most cases, eliminate the need to take it to someone else to fix).

Can I repurpose the thumb drive and use it to store other data?
The recovery key is pre-formatted to be used as a recovery key, not for storing other data. While you can technically format the drive to use for other purposes, you will lose the ability to use it as a recovery key.

What version of macOS is on the recovery key?
The recovery key will include the current version of macOS at the time that your order is placed. If 10.13.0 is the current version today, and you place your order today, it will ship with 10.13.0.

When a new version of macOS is released, will my key be updated?
No. If your key has version 10.13.0 on the key and 10.13.1 is released, your key is not automatically updated. A new key with the latest version of macOS will need to be purchased. Once you have received your new key, you are welcome to re-purpose your old key to use for other data (and remember, it's USB 3.0, so it's a fast drive!).

Tell me more about the drive itself?
The drive features 16 GB of capacity, and offers transfer speeds of 110 MB/second. To put that into perspective, a USB 2.0 drive will peak at around 34 MB/second.

Is shipping included in the cost of the recovery key?
Yes! The purchase of your recovery key includes US domestic shipping via United States Postal Service. If you need faster service, 2-Day and Next Day services are available for an additional fee. International shipping not available yet.