Apple Event - WWDC 2018 Keynote

Apple’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) kicks off this week in San Jose, Calif., with one of its trademark product keynotes, starting Monday, June 04 at 10:00a.

The company is expected to announce updates to its major software platforms, such as iOS and WatchOS, and reportedly new “Digital Health” tools to promote responsible gadget use.

Below is a summary of the event:

10:00a: (Hilarious, Planet Earth-like) Introduction video

10:05a: Tim Cook takes the stage to grand applause

10:06a: Developers from 77 countries in attendance with more than 20 million Apple developers around the world

10:07a: Next month, the App Store turns 10 years old!

10:07a: The App Store has made more than $100 billion!!

10:009a: Tens of millions of students around the world are now using Swift to develop apps

10:10a: "Today is all about software and we have some very exciting updates!"

10:10a: "Today, we start with iOS"

10:11a: Craig Fedherigi takes the stage

10:11a: iOS 12 will be a free software update (no surprise there)

10:12a: "Half of our customers upgraded to iOS 11 in just 7 weeks"

10:14a: Performance is a strong focus on iOS 12

10:16a: "Let's talk about Augmented Reality"

10:19a: iOS 12 brings WYSIWYG editing for AR

10:20a: ARkit in iOS brings a new measuring tool and other AR tools (USDZ)

10:25a: Demo of new ARkit

10:29a: Over a trillion photos are captures on iPhone each year

10:30a: New searching features in iOS 12 including search suggestions (pro-active search)

10:31a: A new tab called "For You" which includes features photos, effect suggestions, etc.

10:32a: All photo sharing uses iMessage and end-to-end encryption for privacy

10:34a: Improved Siri now includes custom Siri commands (called Shortcuts), proactive reminders, etc.

10:36a: Demo of Siri improvements (note: Shortcuts look awesome!)

10:40a: Apple News is now coming to the Stocks app (also includes after hours trading info)

10:42a: Stocks app is now coming to iPad

10:43a: iBooks will now be called Apple Books

10:44a: CarPlay will now allow 3rd party navigation apps

10:46a: New nite-time mode allow you to disconnect from your iPhone a little easier

10:47a: You can now set a DND duration from Control Center (making it much easier to use)

10:47a: "Instant Tuning" feature allows more control over notifications AND grouped notifications!

10:49a: New screen-time report shows you how (and how often) you are using your iOS device

10:50a: New app limits!

10:512a: GREATLY improved parental controls allows for time management and allowances

10:52a: Improved Messages features include tongue detection (oh dear!!) and new animojis

10:53a: New Memoji feature allows for custom-designed Animoji (yes!!)

10:54a: The new Memoji creation process is "fun"

10:54a: Animoji and Memoji demo

10:59a: "Let's talk about FaceTime"

11:00a: "Today, we are going to introduce group FaceTime" (note: FINALLY!!!)

11:00a: Group FaceTime will allow up to 32 participants!

11:01a: FaceTime is now integrated into iMessage and paticioaptns can join and drop out any time

11:04a: Tim Cook takes the stage again to introduce watchOS 5

11:06a: Kevin Lynch takes the stage

11:07a: Apple Watch has two objectives... staying fit and being connected

11:09a: watchOS 5 includes new competition challenges

11:10a: New Yoga workout type, works primarily from heart rate

11:11a: Automatic workout detection begins a workout if it detects elevated heart rate

11:12a: New walkie-talkie feature offers a new way to communicate quickly

11:15a: 3rd-party watch faces coming!

11:17a: Podcasts are not coming to watchOS 5

11:19a: watchOS 5 demo

11:25a: Tim Cook takes the stage to introduce tvOS 

11:25a: Jen takes the stage to discuss tvOS

11:26a: tvOS now delivers Dolby Atmos audio technology

11:29a: Apple TV now offers many more sports options and over 100 video channels

11:31a: Zero sign-on makes watching content from your TV content provider super-simple

11:33a: Aerial footage on tvOS now includes satellite imagery

11:36a: Tim Cook takes the stage to discuss macOS

11:37a: Craig Federighi takes the stage

11:38a: macOS 10.14 will be called "Mojave"

11:39a: macOS Mojave will feature a brand new "Dark Mode" feature

11:41a: New "Dynamic Desktop" adjust automatically throughout the day

11:43a: New "Gallery View" in Finder makes previewing images, documents, presentations, PDFs and more much easier, and also supports/displays full metadata

11:45a: "Quick Look" now integrates markup and you can edit video right in Quick Look

11:48a: "Continuity Camera" allows you to take a photo on your iPhone and immediately use it on your Mac

11:50a: News, Stocks and Voice Memos apps coming to the Mac!

11:52a: Home is also coming to the Mac!

11:53a: Security is a priority for Apple on all platforms (Mac, iPhone, iPad, etc)

11:54a: Safari can now block tracking technology built into websites 

11:56a: macOS Mojave introduces an redesigned App Store, including Microsoft Office and others

12:04p: New CreateML tool allows for improved machine learning development

12:06p: "Are you merging iOS and macOS?" "NO!"

12:07p: Some elements from iOS are ported to macOS and some elements from macOS are ported to iOS for a more seamless user experience

12:11p: macOS Mojave will be available to developers today and to all users this Fall

12:17p: "Have a great week!!"  - Tim Cook

Posted on June 4, 2018 .