Happy Thanksgiving!

This time of the year is my absolute! As we approach the Thanksgiving holiday, my mind turns to the many things that I am thankful and grateful for. In an effort to share some of the things that I am grateful for, I thought I would put together a list. Who knows, maybe my list will help others to enhance their sense of gratitude for the everyday things around them.

There are so, so, so, so many things to be grateful for. Not just this time of the year, but every day of every year. I hope that we (myself included) don’t take these things for granted and cherish them every single day. Life is a gift.

While this list doesn’t capture everything, it’s a good start. These are in no particular order and are completely random. They are literally what comes to mind in a "rapid fire" sort of way.

I am thankful for…

Family. Friends. Neighbors. Air travel. Technology. Apple. Software. Computer camp. Creativity. The arts. Good music. Christmas music. Teachers. Cinematography. Photography. Precision manufacturing. Modern medicine. Doctors. Patience. Love. Understanding. Meaningful work. Clients/customers. Family. Trust. Service. Dedication. Our ancestors. Great political leaders. Inspiration. Modern Revelation. Temples. Religious freedom. Christmas season. Beautiful weather. Weekends. Family. Maui (our cat & the island). Summer vacations. Road trips. Wonders of the world. Eye sight. Hearing. Good health. Struggles. Trials. Prayer. Community. Family. Education. Opportunity. Smiles. Tender mercies. Sacrifice. Sundays. Change. Date night. Amazing wife. Incredible children. Family. Hard work. Alarm clocks. iPhone. Cell service (when it works). Communication. Email. Emoji. Trees. Quiet time. Contemplation. Relaxation. Noise-cancelling headphones. Ponder time. Personalities. Games. Family Home Evening. Laughter. Tears. Emotions. Healing. Eternal perspective. Repentance. Forgiveness. Hope. Charity. Understanding. Jesus Christ. Atonement. Family.

Have a Happy (& safe) Thanksgiving!!


Posted on November 23, 2017 and filed under Opinion.