Save Time and Look Professional with Printed Envelopes

Maybe it’s because I spend a LOT of time on a keyboard, or maybe it’s because I’m lazy, but I don’t enjoy handwriting. Not just longer documents like letters, but even short notes. That also includes envelopes (like USPS envelopes).

Many years ago, I decided to come up with a solution to this problem. Since then, I used it for myself and never really talked about it until the other day, I mentioned this simple idea to a friend, and he was blown away by it. It’s certainly not Earth-shattering, but it’s convenient and can help to add a touch of professionalism (great for small businesses).

So what is this secret weapon? A word processor. Here’s how it works. First, we create a new document in our favorite word processing application (mine happens to be Apple’s Pages app, but the same principals apply in all word processors). When you create the new document, you want to make sure that the document size matches the envelope size. In my case, I use envelopes that are 9.50” x 4.13” (standard business envelope).

Next, we start adding components to our new document (logo, return address, recipient address, etc). This is where you can get creative by adding anything you want!! This is great for adding a little marking to your mail. Here’s what mine looks like (pretty simple):

Next, it’s time to print! The way you load the envelope in your printer will depend on on your printer’s make/model, so it may take a few attempts to get it right.

Once you’ve loaded your envelope in the manual tray, it’s time to print! If all goes well, it should look something like this:

It may be a good idea to make as many envelope templates as you need. Maybe one for invoicing and another for marketing mailers. if you send a lot of mail to the same recipient, it may be a good idea to create a template just for that recipient. The sky is the limit with your creativity!

Posted on March 8, 2016 and filed under Design, How To, Mac, Opinion.