Change the Number of Days to View in the OS X Yosemite Calendar's Week View

I have the calendar app front and center on my computer all day long! Between that, Mail and Reminders, it's what keeps me going and on task. In some ways, it's pretty flexible, but in other ways, it's not as flexible as I would like (or so it would seem).

One way that I want to customize Calendar is to change the number of days in the week view. The default setting is 7, meaning I can see 7 days worth of events when I click choose to view the "Week" view. It looks something like this:


This is great, except for those times that I want to compare last week's schedule with this week's. Well, there's a not-so-obvious way to change the number of days in your week view.

First, we need to Quit out of the Calendar app. Next, we need to open the Terminal app (I launch Terminal by searching for "terminal" from Spotlight, but you can also find it at Applications > Utilities > Terminal). With Terminal open, type the following command, then press <enter>:

defaults write n\ days\ of\ week NN

Where NN = the numbers of days you wish to view in the week. For example, replacing "NN" with "14" will show me 14 days of events in my week view, which will look something like this when I re-open Calendar:

You can change it back to the default 7 days by using this command in Terminal:

defaults write n\ days\ of\ week 7

Posted on September 8, 2015 and filed under How To, Mac.