Time-Saving Elevator Hacks That Everyone Should Know

We've all been there... we're in a hurry to get our floor in a high-rise, but the elevator seems to take forever. It can be frustrating. Like any computer, however, there are ways to speed things up... you just need to know the tricks. Fortunately for you, I have some fun (and time-saving) elevator hacks for you.

Note: not all of the following elevator hacks work on all elevators, but most of them work on most of the elevators in operation.

Get to your floor in record time

Want to get to your floor faster? Most elevators have an express mode. This is essentially a turbo mode for those who work in the building and need to get around faster than the casual visitor. To get to your floor faster than normal, simply press and hold your floor button. This feature requires the express mode to be enabled in the elevator's software, but for the reasons mentioned above, most of them have the feature enabled.

Deselect a floor

Do you have that friend who thinks they're being funny by pressing all the buttons on the elevator, then getting off, forcing you to stop at every floor before finally arriving at yours? Well, now you can have the last laugh by deselecting the floors that you don't want to stop at once he leaves the elevator. To do this, simply double-press the button for the floors you wish to deselect.

Skip selected stops and go directly to your floor

You're in a crowded elevator, and you're headed to the top floor. The problem is, there are people who are stopping on many floors before you get to yours. You can bypass those selected floors and go directly to your stop. To do this, simply press the "Close Door" button and your floor button at the same time for 5 - 7 seconds. This will temporarily ignore all other selected floors and go straight to yours. Remember, if the elevator is full of other riders, you will probably want to be discrete when you use this hack.

Posted on July 16, 2014 and filed under How To, Opinion.