Get the Most Out of Your Google Searches

Some say that the only difference between a "geek" and a "normal" computer user is that a geek knows how to search the web better. To a certain extent, that's true. Google has been around for a while now, and despite how good you think you might be at searching the web for answers to life's questions, I  guarantee I can make your life just a little easier if you apply what I'm about to teach you.

There are many (many) more ways to use Google outside of this list, but this is a great start using some of my favorite search features.

Define a word

This is especially useful for quick word definitions.

Search for an exact phrase

Remember a quote by someone but don't remember who the author was? Use this feature to more quickly find the author.

Check flight status

You can use sites like for detailed flight information, but for a quick flight status, use this feature.

Exclude certain words

This feature allows you to search for things that do NOT include specific words.

Search by file type

Looking for a specific file type? This is the feature you want to use.

Get a weather forecast

Headed to the Big Apple? Check the weather forecast before you head to the airport or train station.

Search on a specific website

I use this one a ton when looking for specific words on a specific site. Very handy.

Fill in the blanks

When you remember most of a phrase or quote but can't quite fill in all the blanks, use this feature.

Track a package

Going to a specific carrier's website may be quick when it comes to tracking packages, but using Google may just be a little quicker.

Set a timer

Sometimes, you need a timer while sitting at your desk. This is perfect for that (just don't close your browser before the timer goes off!)

Perform math calculations

Can't find your TI-85? Google to the rescue!

Posted on June 19, 2015 and filed under How To, Opinion.