Indispensable Mac Apps

A few weeks ago, I devoted a week's worth of posts to "indispensable iOS apps"... apps that I rely on heavily every day to get my work done (you can read more here). As much as I love my iOS devices (iPad and iPhone), I still use my Mac heavily. As such, I thought I would devote this week's posts to indispensable Mac apps.

There are a ton of apps that I use every day, both for work and fun. As with the iOS apps I highlighted, I consider these Mac apps to be hugely beneficial to me. Could I survive without them? Of course, but having them makes my life a lot easier, respective to what each app does for me.

Some of the apps I will highlight this week live on my system Dock, and others just run in the background. Regardless, each one are vital. I'll explain why I feel like they are indispensable, as well as how to get them. A large number of Mac apps that I rely on are developed by Apple. While I would also consider these apps to be indispensable to me, I won't be covering Apple-developed apps this week. Rather, I wanted to focus on 3rd-party apps.

For those who are interested in the Apple-developed apps that I rely heavily on, here's a short list:

As you can seen, just about all of them.


Here is a list of all Mac app recommendations in this 5-part series:

Posted on April 7, 2014 and filed under Opinion, Mac.