Take Selfies with a Remote Shutter Release

Selfies are big. No.. selfies are huge! So huge, that Oxford Dictionary named the word "selfie" as the "Word of the Year" in 2013. I haven't seen concrete numbers on this, but I would estimate that roughly 173% of the photos on social networking sites are selfies. Yeah, that's probably about right.

One of the reasons why selfies are so popular is because they're fun and easy to create. All you need is a camera-enabled cell phone, a subject (that's you) and a thumb to press the button. That's it. Generally, these photos are taken at arms length away from the subject. But what if you want to take the photos from further away than that? Here's a fun tip for you that works with your iPhone.

In addition to an iPhone, a subject and a thumb, you will also need your Apple earbuds (or any Apple-compatible headphones with the button controls). That's because the buttons on the earbuds double as the shutter release for your camera.

To take a photo on your iPhone using your earbuds, open the photo app and press the Volume [+] button.

To start capturing video on your iPhone using your earbuds, open the camera app and switch to video mode. When you're ready to being, press the Volume [+] button. This will begin recording. When you're ready to stop recording, press the same Volume [+] button.

Posted on March 21, 2014 and filed under How To, iOS, iPad, iPhone.