Quickly Jump to the Top of Mail and Safari

I find myself frequently visiting technical web sites and viewing web-based PDF documents on my iPad and iPhone that have a tendency to be very long. As I'm viewing these pages and documents, I usually find myself needing to jump back to the top of the page/document to access a menu, look at contact info, etc.

Ordinarily, doing this can be a pain as you swipe up over and over and over again, until you make your way to the top. Let me save your fingers from unnecessary extra movement, and show you a really helpful way to jump to the top of almost any document or list... with just one tap.

When it's time to jump to the top of a list, a web page, a document... just about anything, simply tap at the very top of the screen on your iOS device (on the clock). This simple gesture lets iOS know you want to jump to the top, and with only a single tap.


This same shortcut is available on the Mac as well. In Mail, click on the thin gray bar at the top of your email list. It will take you right to the top of your list of emails.

Posted on March 17, 2014 and filed under How To, iOS, iPad, iPhone, Mac.