Tab Management in Safari

Safari is a great web browser built on some really great technology (built using the open source layout engine WebKit). In fact, it's my go-to browser for just about all my web browsing, mainly because of its speed and tight integration with iCloud (thus it syncs nicely between all my devices).

Another feature I really like within Safari is the ability to re-order (and even "tear off") tabs so that it makes more sense in my own mind when browsing the web. Managing tabs is super easy to do, yet can have a big pay-off with your personal productivity.

To re-order tabs, simply drag the tabs you want to the order you want to browse them. To tear a tab off of a current Safari page to create it's own Safari experience, simply drag the tab off of the original Safari window, and let go. This will create a new Safari instance just for that page (of course you can add more tabs for additional browsing by pressing Command+T).

Here's a short demo video to show you how this works:

Posted on January 3, 2014 and filed under Design, How To, Mac.