The Perfect Keynote Remote

For those who present professionally (or even ocassionally), you know what a challenge it can be to find the perfect slide deck remote. Most of them feel cheap and flimsy, while others try to do too much on a single remote. In either case, they can be relatively expensive. My favorite physical remote is the SMK Link RemotePoint Global Presenter remote, but it costs around $150. Yikes!

What if I told you there was a better, cheaper and dare I say cooler alternative? What if I told you that it cost nothing? What if I told you that it gave you control over your slides AND allowed you to view presenter notes right on the remote? What if I told you that you most likely already had this remote in your possession? I'm talking about using your iPhone as your Keynote remote.

Apple recently released an update to iWork, and part of that update included a new remote feature in Keynote (their presentation app). It's simple to use and works really well. There are two requirements:

  1. Both iPhone and laptop need to be on the same wireless network
  2. You must have the latest version of Keynote on both iPhone (v. 2.1 or later) and laptop (v. 6.1 or later)

Now that the boring stuff is out of the way, let's show you how it works!

First, we need to open Keynote on your Mac. Once Keynote is open, go to Keynote | Preferences... (or press Command + comma). From here, you will click on the "Remotes" tab:

Next, we need to open Keynote on our iPhone. With Keynote for iPhone open, look for and tap on the small remote icon in the top left-hand corner:

This will being the process of pairing your iPhone with your Mac, which will look like this:

Next, we'll tap "Continue" and follow the simple steps to complete the pairing process. After this short process is complete, we'll now be able to begin and control our Keynote slide deck from our iPhone, allowing us to walk around the stage freely.

Posted on January 29, 2014 and filed under How To, iOS, iPhone, Mac.