Using the OS X Mountain Lion Interactive Help menu

Navigating through to find the exact feature you're looking for in an application can sometimes be a chore, especially with complex apps. Not only are there a lot of options to choose from, but sometimes, the feature you're looking for can be in a place where you don't expect it to be. That's where the OS X Mountain Lion interactive Help menu can be a huge help. 

First of all, I believe that the Help menu is often overlooked as a tool that no one uses. If you haven't used it lately, it's worth checking out again. It's come a long way and can provide you with a lot of really good (and dare I say useful?) information. 

In this example, I am using Pages and want to create an oval mask to overlay an image of a sea turtle. I don't remember exactly where the feature is, so I am enlisting the help of the interactive Help menu. Watch what happens: 

Posted on August 20, 2013 and filed under Design, How To, Mac.