Which Computer Company has the Best Tech Support

Each year, Consumer Reports polls thousands of computer users (just like you and me)  to ask them about their experience when it comes to obtaining tech support from the vendor (HP, Apple, Dell, etc). Here are the 2013 results:

Guide to the Ratings

Ratings are based on responses from 6,313 owners of 7,571 desktop, laptop and netbook computers. Respondents were CRO subscribers surveyed online in January 2013. Results might not reflect the U.S. population. Data are based on respondents' most recent experience(s) contacting a manufacturer's technical support service since January 2012 (past 12 months). Reader score represents overall satisfaction and is not exclusively determined by the factors under survey results. A score of 100 means that respondents were completely satisfied; 80, very satisfied, on average; 60, fairly well satisfied; and 40, somewhat dissatisfied. Differences of fewer than 6 points are not meaningful. The ratings listed under survey results reflect how respondents rated each manufacturer. Both phone support and online support were calculated on a very poor to excellent scale. Online support was rated by those respondents who contacted a manufacturer via a website, e-mail or an online live chat program. Problem solved indicates the percentage of computer problems solved by the manufacturers. Differences of fewer than 10 percentage points between percent of problems solved are not meaningful. '-' indicates that we didn't have sufficient data to report a rating.

Posted on July 4, 2013 and filed under Opinion.