Smartphone, Tablet or Laptop?

If you could only have one device to use for work and play, which would it be? It's a tough choice and it's one that I think about quite a bit.


I proposed a quick poll to get your thoughts, and we heard you loud and clear! Thanks to all those who participated. The results were interesting. Without further adieu... 

Screen Shot 2013-07-19 at 9.53.52 PM.png

The majority of you felt that a tablet would be the best choice as your only device. Me? I would agree. They typically have a long battery life (especially the iPad), they have a relatively large display, great software, great connectivity options and they are small and light-weight. The only thing you wouldn't be able to do on a tablet that you can do with a smartphone is make traditional cellular-based phone calls, but hey... that's why we have services like FaceTime and Skype, right?

Posted on July 19, 2013 and filed under Opinion.