Sharing Photos from your iDevice

As we head into another weekend, you will most likely be taking and sharing lots of photos with your friends and loved ones. There are several ways to do this. Some are efficient, and some are not so efficient.

How NOT to share photos

The common mistake that I see people make is by sending photos to someone else one at a time by email. That’s fine, until you intend to send more than one photo. In fact, earlier today, I had a friend send me 4 photos from their iPhone this way. As a result, I received 4 separate emails, each containing one photo. Yikes! This isn’t the best way, people. Let’s fix that right here, right now.

When you go into your Camera Roll (part of your Photos app), you will see a list of photos that you have taken. If you want to email multiple photos, tap on “Edit”, then tap each of the photos you want to share by email. It will look something like this:

photo 1-4.PNG

Note: when sending photos by email, you will be limited to 5 photos at a time.

At this point, tap “Share”, and you are presented with the following options:

photo 2-5.PNG

One of the options is to send by email. If you choose this option, you will be asked what size you want to send. After that, enter the name or email address and send. It’s that simple.

Another way to share files is by using Photo Stream (also one of the options shown above). With Photo Stream, you create a new stream, and invite others to view that stream (it’s a social experience).

To create a new Photo Stream, open Photos on your iOS device, then tap on “Photo Stream” at the bottom of the screen. From here, tap on the [+] at the top to create a new stream. You will see a screen like this:


Give your new Photo Stream a name, enter the name or email address of friends to share the stream with, and even choose whether you want it publicly available or not (via Note: your friends must also have an Apple ID/iCloud account in order to subscribe to your shared streams.

Now that your stream is live, it’s time to add photos to it. To do this, go back to your Camera Roll like shown before, selecting a few photos, and tap “Share”. This time, choose “Photo Stream”. Your friends are automatically notified when photos are added to your stream. You can even make comments on the photos, which are visible by all who subscribe to the stream (subscribers can also add comments). If you subscribe to someone else’s Photo Stream, you can even save those images to your own Camera Roll.

Happy photo sharing!

Posted on April 26, 2013 and filed under How To, iOS, iPad, iPhone.