The Quickest Way to Redeem an iTunes Gift Card

It's no secret that Apple is an innovative company. In 2001, they announced the iPod. In 2007, they released the iPhone. In 2010, they sold their first iPad. All three of these innovative products have changed the world, and their innovation certainly doesn't stop there, nor does it discriminate from smaller innovations. Apple, after all, is all about attention to detail.

In 2012, Apple unveiled their latest method for redeeming iTunes gift cards... by using the camera built-in to your device. The concept is simple: 

  1. Reveal the code on the back of the iTunes Gift Card
  2. Open the iTunes Store, and look for the "Redeem" link or button
  3. Choose the option to redeem using your camera
  4. Point the card at the camera

To illustrate just how fast (and accurate) this process is, I made a video (below). Don't blink, or you may just miss it.

Note: there was absolutely no editing done to this video. It's raw footage. 

Posted on February 26, 2015 and filed under How To, Mac.