Tech 101: Computer Fundamentals

The computer is the greatest invention since sliced bread... literally. Can you imagine your daily routine without TV, modern telephones, modern vehicles, email or air travel? None of that would be possible without a computer to run it. To be honest, I can’t even imagine balancing my checkbook without firing up my laptop to help me. Computers are an invaluable part of who we, as a society, are. This course teaches you the basics of what a computer is, and the components that go into making it work. This course is great for those who know nothing abut computers, or those who want to brush up on their basic knowledge to impress their friends or colleagues.

What we'll cover

  • Brief history of the computer
  • RAM (random access memory)
  • HDD (Hard Disc Drive)
  • SSD (Solid State Disc)
  • CRT vs. LCD vs. LED
  • USB 2.0 vs. USB 3.0 vs. Firewire
  • VGA vs. DVI vs. HDMI vs. Mini DisplayPort
  • Windows vs. Mac vs. Linux
  • Best practices
  • β€œDid you know?” tips-and-tricks

We'll also touch on

  • Hardware makers
  • Software makers
  • The Internet

Additional Information

  • Minimum Class Size: 6 attendees
  • Maximum Class Size: 10 attendees
  • Cost: $75/attendee