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U2F USB Security Key

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Dropbox is a fantastic cloud-based storage system, ideal for all business sizes and types. Security is a high priority for Dropbox. As a result, their security is always adapting to the latest threats. One area where improvements continue to be made is with authentication. Dropbox has included two-factor authentication for some time now. To make your account even more secure, yet simpler for the right person to access, you can now use a physical USB key to unlock and access your Dropbox account. This USB key is based on FIDO U2F (Universal Two Factor) standards. That means that it works for much more than just your Dropbox account.

To use the key, simply log in to your Dropbox account (or any account that offers U2F key two-factor authentication). When prompted, insert your U2F security key and touch the button. Your account is instantly accessible to you.

Want more information about the U2F USB security key? Below are some FAQs to help.

What, exactly, is FIDO U2F and why should I care?
FIDO U2F is an emerging open authentication standards initiative with strong support from more than 120 end-user and vendor companies in the FIDO Alliance, a consortium working to bring strong authentication to the masses.

U2F breaks the mold for high-security, public-key hardware devices by removing the complexity of drivers, clients software and the traditional costly certificate authority (CA) model. With FIDO U2F, one single device can be used with any number of online services with no user information or encryption keys shared between the service providers.

Does the USB key require a battery that I have to change?
No, the key requires no power outside of what every standard USB port can provide for it, so there is never a need to change a battery.

What, if any, recurring costs are there?
There is no monthly fee to use this key. It's a one-time fee. That's it.

Does the USB key use biometrics?
No, but each Security Key has an individualized secure chip which performs cryptographic functions triggered by a simple touch of the key. When the button is pressed, it simply sends a small electrical charge from the key to the computer (via the USB port) to send the unique ID and authenticate.

What happens if my key is lost or stolen? Can someone else access my accounts with my key?
You certainly want to keep your U2F security key safe and sound. In short, try not to lose it. In the event that your key is lost or stolen (or damaged), keep in mind that it still requires your username and password as the first factor of authentication.

If my key is lost or stolen, can I remove it from my U2F-compatible service?
Absolutely. You can remove your U2F security key at any time. When you do this, the key is no longer able to act as the second factor authentication for that service.

Can my key be configured to work with more than just Dropbox or Google?
Absolutely! Your key will come pre-configured to work with your Dropbox account and/or Google account (if desired). You can use it to add to your security profile for any U2F-compatible service at your leisure, and the list of U2F-compatble services is growing quickly!

Can I use my U2F security key to store data on?
No. The U2F security key is for authentication only. There is no storage on the key of any kind that is user-accessible.

Is shipping included in the cost of the U2F security key?
Yes! The purchase of your recovery key includes US domestic shipping via United States Postal Service. If you need faster service, 2-Day and Next Day services are available for an additional fee. International shipping not available yet.