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QuickFix Service

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For a low, one-time cost of $29/incident, QuickFix offers you 15 minutes of professional technical services to address and solve your challenge, at an economically-friendly price that won't break the bank.

Below or a few FAQs to answer other questions you may have about the recovery key.

Couldn't I just ask you a "quick question" and have you fix my problem?
Sure, but if we spent all our time answer "quick questions" for free, we wouldn't be in business and we couldn't help you the next time. We are technology professionals who specialize in helping you with your technology needs.

Do I need to bring my computer to you?
No way! Not only is that inconvenient for you, but it takes time out of your day. In most cases, QuickFix cases can be opened and closed quickly using remote technology.

What sort of things would this cover?
Great question. Anything that begins with, "Hey, I have a quick question..." would be a great candidate for this service. Some of the calls we get involve setting up system backups, abbreviated system assessments, photo management training, email troubleshooting, application installation, etc.