July 16, 2018 - The Week in Alligator Town

Y'all I am one B L E S S E D lady!!!! Sister Winona is a walking angel. We are having a total blast but also getting cr*p done. 

Cannon Creek is sooooo good and I love it!!! We have a goal to find one new deaf person that we can teach (Sister Winona is having me teach her the celestial language of American Sign Language). We decide to go to this area to do some finding and we saw a "Deaf Person in Area" sign. You bet your buckets we knocked that whole neighborhood. We saw SOOOO many miracles!! We found 2 new friends to teach and they are so sweet. But no deaf people yet. We are determined though so I'm not even worried. 

I seriously am loving that I get to serve with my bestie and help her finish these last 6 weeks of her mission strong. This is the greatest and I will give more updates next week!!! 

This is my friend 😍

This is my friend 😍

Posted on July 23, 2018 .