March 26, 2018 - The Week of Amy!!!

Okay so this fun thing happens when you're halfway through your mission where your desire to write a weekly is literally in the trash can. That explains last week but let's look to the future and talk about this week!!! 

We experienced the biggest miracle this week! We made a friend during our first weeks here in Gainesville. Her name is Amy and we love her dearly! As dumb as it sounds, we haven't been able to think of a good way to bring up the gospel. We've talked about missionary life and so now she knows a lot about that! My beautiful companion does this cute thing she calls "blubbering." Basically she just gets really excited and talks at about 600 mph. When she does it though she asks questions that I'm too scared to ask like "oh did you get fired?" Or "we teach a series of lessons about our church, would you be intersted in learning more about it?" In this case it was the latter, thankfully. And Amy said yes!! It was so awesome. I love that feeling. 

Other than that this week has had lots of ups and downs but that's the life of a missionary! We have interviews this week so I'm very excited about that!! 

Instead of a scripture here's a quote I jotted down from zone conference a few weeks ago: 

"Success in life (or a mission if you are a missionary reading this) is found in going from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm" I love this!! And that is all I have to say about that. 

We saw some gators and could not pass up the photo op

We saw some gators and could not pass up the photo op

Posted on March 27, 2018 .