November 19, 2018 - The Week of Deja Vu

You know, it's suprisingly hard to figure out how to spell deja vu.... But it's the only word that accurately describes my week. 

It feels so surreal to be back in the beautiful St. Augustine Shores area!!!! Churhc was so funny. Some of the members couldn't quite figure out how they knew me so there was a lot of awkward stares. Good thing awkward is my forte. 😁 I love these people so stinkin much!! 

We are teaching some seriously elect people!!! Good night I love being a missionary. We are teaching this woman named Amanda. She wants to follow Jesus Christ and be baptized!!! She's incredible. 

For all the true fans, you'll probably remember one of my most fav people Morgan. Turns out she's being taught by the sisters again!!! Imagine her surprise when I showed up on her doorstep. It was cute. Ah I love her. 

Last year, I got to got to go to Night of Lights in St. Augustine. For all my Utahans, it's kind of like Temple Square lights. It's a big deal. It was so fun and we handed out so many #LightTheWorld cards. I am so lucky because I got to go again on Saturday!!!!!! LITERALLY SO MUCH FUN!!!! After we finally parked and got out of the insane traffic, we had about 40 minutes to blitz downtown st. Augustine. Sister Anderson and I made a goal to hand out 20 card to 20 people. We not only handed out 20 but 22!! I loved being able to talk to so many different people in such a short amount of time. It was a blast. 

OH MY LANDS. I FORGOT. Let me introduce you to the one and only SISTER ANDERSON!!!!!

Fun facts: 

1) She is the only daughter with 4 brothers 
2) She is a piano wizard 
3) She gets sick incredibly easily (she caught my half-hearted cold and is now dying) 
4) I will be the first missionary she sends home 
5) She also has a sweet tooth (#prayforourhealth) 

These past few days have been a BLAST with her!! She's been very patient with my constant outbursts of "OH THIS IS SO WEIRD" and my "wait I know that person!!" She is so fun and I'm such a lucky lady to have her as my companion!!! 

I love y'all and I will see you on the flippity flop ✌

Night of Lights!!!

Night of Lights!!!

It's Christmas time here in the shores

It's Christmas time here in the shores

Posted on November 20, 2018 .