Oops! Don't tell your coworkers, but...

... the link that you just clicked on was a test to see how you would respond to an email that was intended to be a phishing email. If you go back to look at the email again, you will see several components of the email that are not consistent with a typical email from me.

We sincerely want to better understand how we, as an organization, can help prevent this type of email from penetrating our social defenses. Every good business is built on its depth and breadth of intellectual property, but every company's greatest asset is its employees... YOU. We value your collaborative effort in the battle to combat unauthorized intrusions and data breaches.

Use the form below to tell us about your experience... what did you notice about the email you received that didn't look or feel right? Why did you feel compelled to click on the link? Your responses are completely anonymous (we promise!).

PS. Please don't beat yourself up for getting to this point!